What's this site about?
Some of my artwork - I'm a film maker and artist - revolves around the idea of ostension, but the term isn't widely known outside the realms of semioticians and folklorists. Ostension is a nebulous concept at the best of times, so ostension.org is an attempt to map and clarify its meaning.
Folklorists have been using the term ostension since the early 1980's. This site attempts to describe what ostension is and explain what it has to do with contemporary / urban legends. Ostension encompasses a wide range of subjects including, crop circles, ufos, mind control, ghosts, cattle mutilation, satanism, psychological warfare, alien autopsy, Roswell slides, cults, etc.
Ostension.org is designed and edited by John Lundberg.
"Events provoke stories; but it is far more likely that stories provoke events." Bill Ellis - Aliens, Ghosts and Cults, Legends we Live. 2001.

what's this site about?
what's ostension?

A card from Steve Jackson's 1995 Illuminati card game foreshadowing the event's of 9/11 by six years.